Who are we?

Advantages of Age is all about Ageing Differently. The Sunday Times Style magazine called us 'the punks of getting older,' and we agree.

We are Suzanne Noble - serial entrepreneur/jazz singer - and Rose Rouse - editor/journalist/poet - and we created Advantages of Age in a hot tub in Kilburn. It is a social enterprise which challenges the media narrative around ageing. We are doing it our way, and we hope you'll join us for the ride. Suzanne lives in the Gran Canaries for three months a year - because she can't stand the drab winters here - and Rose travels between North Wales and London because she's in a Living Together Apart relationship, and it's worth the five-hour drive! 

We are demanding a different future for older people in this ageist culture where old has only negative connotations. Last November 2023, we held a dazzling Awards Ceremony celebrating pro-ageing organisations and individuals. We're big on personal inspirational stories - like the magnificent Louise Butcher, 51, who runs topless every day to promote not having to have reconstructive surgery after breast cancer, or Wendy Mitchell, 69. who writes powerfully about living on her own and creatively with dementia or Asanga Judge, 80, who has a serious climbing injury, walks with a stick and still climbs both inside and out. If you've got a story to tell - please get in touch at rosejanerouse@yahoo.co.uk

And we have an anthology out - Sex, Death and Other Inspiring Stories - the Advantages of Age handbook to growing old funkily - which contains so many different voices and stories which we'd love you to read. 

We are a positive ageing community, and we hope you enjoy our articles. Some of us are journalists and writers; others are new voices in the positive ageing world. We all have something to say. You do, too.

You can find us at Advantages of Age - Baby Boomers and Beyond on Facebook and @advantagesofage on Instagram. Stay up-to-date.

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We are a social enterprise (not for profit). Creating a safe space to discuss all matters relating to ageing...gracefully or disgracefully! It's our choice. That's the point.